high dis is my rhyme
me fink dat me shud do dis al da tyme
me lik making rhymes
dey r fun al da tymes
once me mak a relly gud rhyme
but it take alotta tyme
do u lik my rhyme?
it took alotta tyme

me a tictacful genral who ambush spider
da spider was tring to be a hider
but it k cus Ifreen smart
he kicked it n put it in a cart
But Ifreen no no dat spider no dead
so spider left but me no no wer it head

So dis da end of my poem and stuff
writing it was relly tough
me also a bronz wite nite
so now it time for me to say gud nite


Who is almighty and instils dread?!
Of course, it is the almighty Fred!
You shall soon before me bow!
If not, I shall hit you with this sword and you shall say 'Ow!'!

Once a fool tried to stand before me!
But when Fred showed his godly powers, soon did he flee!
The world stands no chance against my might!
The power of Fred is an awesome sight!

Nothing shall stand in my way!
If anything tries to, it shall pay!
So meet your new leader and god!
Or feel the force of Fred's lightning rod!

Who won? You decide!

Gruge Owner