The website has the following amazing features:
  1. Plenty of information about this fictional group.
  2. A voting system which does absolutely nothing.
  3. Idiots 'R' Us propaganda.
  4. Career information and opportunities for the aspiring idiot.
  5. The facility to become an official idiot.
  6. A completely broken means to communicate with the website.
  7. The worst poetry you may have ever come across.
Nonetheless, this website has a liquid layout, contains two images, has a header, body and footer ( albeit, the header/footer tags are not used but are named divs instead), and is in a three-column format. A common layout is, indeed, used, and CSS styling has been used extensively. In total, over six interactive features exist in the form of two forms. As far as I am aware, this is what was requested. Hopefully, this meets your expectations.